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Welcome to Lyndale Elementary School where teachers, parents, and students work together to create a rigorous and engaging learning environment. Lyndale is a beautiful and spacious campus, and our students continue to excel and grow as learners and responsible Lyndale Lions. We pride ourselves on a strong academic program that also integrates music, art, and drama. Lyndale Lions practice safety, responsibility, and most importantly kindness. The Lyndale community collaborates to promote strong leaders of the future!

Why choose Lyndale Elementary:

Lyndale is a jewel in the Alum Rock School District.  We are situated in a quiet neighborhood, and our campus is welcoming and safe. We take pride in making considerable academic growth each year. Lyndale Lions have access to the Common Core State Standards through district adopted curriculum taught by dedicated teachers. We house the latest technology to enhance our instruction, engage our students, and ensure that 21st Century skills are taught everyday. At Lyndale, we encourage our students to believe in themselves, inspire each other to be scholars, and respectful of our school, community, and the world. Through visual and performing art, our students have opportunities to express their interests, and strengthen their creativity and talents. Lyndale is a beautiful place to be!

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Our Lyndale Lion Pledge

We are the Lyndale Lions

We go to Lyndale School

We live by the Lyndale Lion Laws

We think they are really cool! 

We live by these Laws

Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Kind

We live by the Lyndale Lion Laws

We will not change our mind!

 Lyndale Highlights

  • Art lessons each week
  • Choir 2 days a week for all 1st-3rd-graders
  • Instrumental music instruction for 4th- and 5th-graders
  • Band for fourth and fifth graders
  • Participation in Mariachi
  • Participation in Visual and Performing Arts - Two showcases a year
  • STEAM projects and STEAM Showcase
  • Free before and after-school program for Transitional Kinder and Kindergarten.
  • Free after-school program for first-fifth grade students
  • Field Trips
  • Fifth grade science camp
  • Parent coffees every month
  • Parent classes
  • Community outreach
  • Safe and secure campus
  • Free lunch and healthy salad bar
  • Kind and compassionate faculty and staff
  • Continual growth and improvement on state test

"About Us" Page Links


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