Dress Code

                                                                                 Lyndale Dress Code

Lyndale continues to require student uniforms. 

School Site Council and ELAC have recommended that we enforce the uniform code.  

Lyndale's student uniform colors are khaki, dark green, and white.

Your student may wear:

              Khaki  - pants, walking shorts, skirts, and/or jumpers. 

             Dark green, or white - shirts with  a collar (polo style knit shirt, blouse, and button down the front styles)  

New and gently used uniforms are distributed from Lyndale. Please inquire at the front office.

Students must wear closed-toe shoes that allow them to be physically active.  No high heels are allowed on campus. Hats and/or head coverings are not allowed to be worn inside classrooms or other buildings unless they are part of your religious beliefs.

*Please make sure your child’s name is on all outer garments worn to school.  It will help to return lost items to their owners.